391 / ECW Sept. 1, 2000

September 17, 2019

Ed and Neil are back to remind everybody not to grope workers, the nonsense of the ROH/Shane Taylor gimmick, wondering how we got a month's worth of television in 40 minutes and lots more!

390 / Pro Wrestling NOAH Navigation Uprising 11-28-04

September 11, 2019

Back after a break to talk some disconcerting news in the wrestling world and then checking out a show with two KENTA, Kobashi and Marufuji matches. With that kind of talent performing multiple times, the show must be amazing, right? Right?

389 / AAA TripleMania XVIII

August 27, 2019

After a week off, we're back to discuss another foray into Triple A. It has been a long time since discussing fireballs, ambulance chasing, motorcycle riding bookers and more. Will this TripleMania have the amusing aspects that make a show good bad or will this be the first angry episode in a long time?

Let's find out!

388 / CZW Big Mutha Fn Deal

August 12, 2019

Ed and Neil record early so talk of G1 finals and SummerSlam will have to wait til next week.

Our love of Chris Hero's wrestling talents gets tested, how many promos is too many promos in a row and debating if the event lived up to its title amongst the news of the week, this week on the Untitled Wrestling Show!

387 / Mid South 7-24-82

August 5, 2019

Ed and Neil praise MJF's dedication, the Road to All Out, Ed's man Pagano and things we didn't think we'd be saying in 2019.


Then we check out a show with a memorable moment - the Ted DiBiase heel turn against JYD in Mid South. Does it hold up 36 years later?

From in ring action to announcing and more, we take a look at this notable wrestling angle kickoff this week!

386 / WCW Clash of the Champions 20

July 30, 2019

As AEW celebrates its TV deal with Turner, we look back at another era where Turner broadcasting was celebrating wrestling on its networks.

Heel promos, temporarily strong Steiners, dumb eliminations and EYE LASERS on this broadcast.

Plus, let us know your thoughts - do the serifs make the K's look like H's in this graphic or does it appear to say Fuck Steiner?

Check our social media for the picture @uwspodcast


385 / TNA Impact June 4, 2004

July 24, 2019

Ed and Neil are back this week with:

-Raw Reunion

-Neil was right about ROH on the Allüre fan interaction "investigation"

-perspectives about the AEW Road to All Out video

-initial views about the PWG BOLA announcements

-the first TNA show on Fox Sports -- the Fox Box was a great idea. Will the rest of it be as solid or is Russo gonna Russo?

384 / NXT TakeOver 5-29-14

July 15, 2019

Recorded before the events of Extreme Rules, Ed and Neil discuss the odd silence over AEW's pre-show and if that meant it was better before going down memory lane.

When we think of NXT TakeOver, we now think of the super indie shows selling out arenas. But remember when it was Camacho vs Adam Rose?

We remember and we take a look back at this oft forgotten era of the developmental system.

383 / WCW Great American Bash 1996

July 8, 2019

Way back in episode 45, Ed and Neil reviewed the now 23 year old moment that shocked the wrestling world - Hulk Hogan's heel turn to join the nWo. Now we're back to look at the precursor to that event!

And what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to review a Great American Bash? And what better way to celebrate than to choose one where we see hapless Eric Bischoff take a powerbomb off a stage through a table? Is there anything else on the event that could fit the moniker given to the pay per view? Let's find out this week!

382 / PWG Game Over Man

July 1, 2019

Ed and Neil are back discussing Fyter Fest, ROH's latest PPV offering and great fan signs. Plus, we look back at a PWG show with two matches Ed was excited about? Will they live up to the hype? Will it be as memorable as the insanity that was Blackcraft (reviewed in 381)? Let's find out!