377 / TNA Bound For Glory 2011

May 21, 2019

Ed and Neil discuss MITB results, the Lars Sullivan fine and then review the show Ed originally wanted to watch.

We harken back to our roots by finding a show from our shelves. And a DVD sold to us by Sal Rinauro can't be bad, right?


376 / NEW Redemption

May 13, 2019

Ed and Neil discuss heels in Game of Thrones, ghoulish media outlets, $60 pay per views and more!

Plus, we take a look at Wrecking Balls, inhuman wrestlers, a King Booker impersonator, the new superball for the new generation and a Kenny Omega title match as we review NEW Redemption!

375 / Blindfold Matches

May 7, 2019

Ed and Neil's latest milestone series episode looks at one of the most stigmatized stipulations used in professional wrestling.

Will Ed hate all of this? Is Neil going to enjoy the "fun"? Will that god awful James Storm / Chris Harris match be any better 12 years after the fact even when judging it on the 'blindfold match' curve?

All this and more on this week's broadcast!

374 / Chikara Cibernetico Increible

April 30, 2019

From NWA, brand management, wondering about Sami Callihan's true gimmick to SPORTSMANSHIP!

This episode certainly attempts to have it all. Plus, an interactive segment!

373 / ROH Bitter Friends Stiffer Enemies II

April 23, 2019

Back to Ring of Honor again this week with a different era. How will this one stack up? Can a non-plunder match possibly compete with the Cage of Death we just reviewed?

Plus: retirements, Pee Wee Herman references, wondering why people are signing with the Performance Center given the glut of talent they have currently...and more!

372 / ROH Death Before Dishonor IV

April 16, 2019

Lamenting the current state of affairs with a recent Ring of Honor decision while reflecting on one of the great moments in the company's history - the culmination of the CZW feud.

Does the rest of the show hold up with how great that War Games style Cage of Death main event was? Let's find out!

371 / WWF WrestleMania 10

April 9, 2019

Seven and a half hour shows nor minor technical difficulties will keep Ed and Neil from the latest episode.

Discussing some Mania 35 perspectives, whether we've hit indy saturation on Mania weekend and then looking at a past WrestleMania with a few well remembered classic matches...and a Bill Clinton impersonator.

Supplemental / WWE Hall of Fame 2019

April 7, 2019

Ed and Neil spend a foray watching a random sampling of matches from this year's Hall of Fame class from WWE. The good, the bad and the "why the Hell did Neil pick the main event of Starrcade '94?" ugly.

Supplemental - WrestleMania 35 Initial Thoughts and Predictions

April 4, 2019

The latest iteration of the grandaddy of them all is this Sunday.

Ed and I sit down to give the card a look over, highlight what matches we're anticipating eagerly, what we would have liked to have seen and make our predictions for what will happen at this year's showcase of the immortals.

Supplemental / Indies on WrestleMania 35 Weekend

April 4, 2019

While this didn't make it up in time for the first 4 shows, we contend a weekend can't start on a Wednesday.

There are so many shows this week(end), do you know about all the offerings?

What are we looking forward to checking out and are morbidly curious about?

Let's find out as we look into the chaotically busy world of independent professional wrestling this week of WrestleMania 35!